I AQUIRED this horn set by offering an exchange collectable  in a private transaction.  this type of item  or pet set does not mean the set is worth any significant sum of money. however I am very fond of it, & I have owned for almost 14 years, the Horn is very tactile in the hand , plus as tough as concrete, with the solid pieces having a nice weight about them. I have some 4 sets made of Horn in my collection, & I like the material. my guess is that this set comes from the tribal stable and is probably mid 20th century, there are some well turned sets out there , but this set is one not of the finest quality, but most importantly I like it!!

the value or possible value is of no importance to me, as it is a keeper set. the king being almost 8.5 cms .

the ancient Egyptians had the right idea stick everything in your tomb , thus no worries about parting with your


As a collector I place a huge importance on how the chessmen feel in my hand , plus in some cases it outweighs

the quality or beauty of the workmanship. my personal opinion of course