Chess medal in hallmarked sterling silver -1925-1926

A very interesting piece of Glasgow Club chess history, this was awarded to a P Lyon (not me, no relation!). Here is a link to the Polytechnic Chess Club:-

Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club Council Historical Information. (

Interesting is that the winner of this quality silver chess medal is also the name of the Club Championship cup. A speculation is that perhaps the winner of the major championship was so pleased that he ended up donating a quality cup to the club – who knows? Collecting unearned chess trophies is something I like doing but to have actually won such a wonderful prize would have been worth a lot more than a monetary prize cheque. Such a thing is for keeps – cash is spent quickly and flowers given!…. and they die! – (that is an utter nonsense in my opinion).

This medal was offered at Great Western Auctions recently including a second one but the bidding killed me off, then the very same medal turned up at McTears and I scraped home by a whisker:


One hopes these medals – note there were two on offer – may be of some interest to Scottish chess historians. Even taking a quick look at images of Chess Olympiad medals via Google gives the current designers of such trophies food for thought methinks. Even having an opinion is a risky business on anti social media, and from Musk until dawn I want nothing to do with it.



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January 6, 2023

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