A curious late19th century Staunton chess set

This rather odd looking single weighted boxwood/ebony English  Staunton set is not quite like any antique Staunton playing set that I can recall seeing.  With pretty unusual bishops looking ‘scalped’, these pieces have no ball knops and curious looking spartan heads. I asked if there was any evidence of previous knops, but whatever evidence there is, its pretty scant – no patina issues, and if such a feature was disguised, then for the owner the jury sits. The rooks have some 8 crenellations on each – an unusual feature and none too common. The maker is unknown, and it can be safely described a rare set.  If anyone out there disagrees with this then TAGO = Try And Get One if you can! Purchased via the Saleroom:-


When buying at auction, take a note of where the auction house is located and check if in-house shipping is offered, however at some auction houses in hard to get to places like this one, the cost of collection/packing can be rather costly so it is worth checking out or otherwise this cost is a deal killer!


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April 12, 2022

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