A flawed Biedermier chess set with Frankenstein knights

Now this set purchase on the Bay in March 2021 takes the biscuit – a piece of lazy bidding-, when my gut instinct told me the so called ‘Bulgarian rare set‘ was a load of BULL, however for the price paid I was delighted with the item. The seller’s description to be fair was pretty decent, so I hope no criticism is taken, nor is it intended. The quality of the chessmen is impressive. On occasion there is ample opportunity for any collector to goof or make a right pig’s breakfast when buying old chessmen, however sets have been made in so many countries and descriptions can be offered, that when believed – with empty purses to show for it-, as inflated prices have been charged. This set belongs to the SPOR or Self-Pillory of Ridicule. To console myself I can only take my hat off to the creative assembler of this flawed set. For a start both queens’ torsos are missing, the horses’ heads have gone, as have the knops on the bishops’ rooks – see link below:-

For the record, I gifted this set to a friend & fellow C C I member, as the cost of getting it right was going

To be too much for my liking, & having received from most useful advice from fellow collectors & C C I


biedermier chessmen – Bing images

After a CCI member informed me of my goof, I decided to check out Bulgarian bulls via Google images and saw this mother of ugly beasts and could not stop laughing my head off!:-

Belgian-blue-.jpg (768×432) (netdna-ssl.com)

Still, with an 8.5 cms king, Kind European Collectors (KEC’s), please help out the Lyon, as he is desperate for a pair of queens with torsos intact, plus a few horse heads to complete the set!

when things appear to go wrong always look on the bright side of things. console yourself with humour,

& smile !!!



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June 17, 2021

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