A late19th century English pattern set with ‘slope’ knights

Purchased on Ebay back in 2006, this delightful little set with no original box probably came from a compendium, with the knight heads cut at an angle, called ‘slope’ knights. Such sets can be associated with 18th century sets, but with careful examination the absence of ‘turner’s licence’ variation can be a useful tell. As this set looks far too good to be that old. For collector bias views I plead guilty. When I started collecting in earnest, I used to bring down to chess auctions early purchases for fellow collectors to view and see their reaction, which in some instances was favourable. this pet /favoured set was viewed by the well-known Gareth Williams who raved about the quality. It does not appear to be to common, with a nice polished finish this box/ rosewood small set has a 5cms king with a 2 cms wide base.

The huge advantage of collecting smaller sets allowed myself to collect some lovely items at affordable prices, and I have no regrets for doing this over the past 16 years – once you follow the pack the competition is fierce so disappointment is likely.


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October 4, 2020

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