A late19th century pegged Regence chess set

Bought some months ago (November 2020), a delightful wooden pegged set from French Ebay seller Micraster2livry. With a number of pieces missing – a knight’s base, a queen, three pawns, and a rook all in black – phew!, as colour patination matching is murder. I had to therefore make an ‘ED’ (Executive Decision), and thanks to a CCI member, I was given contact details of a Dutch restorer. I decided to get a white pawn and bishop, re-made, and the result was very satisfying when the restored work arrived at our home. In the photo, however, the set is displayed on a vintage Barley twist side table made by a creative artist who placed a sheet of plastic (“not Bakelite“) with peg-holed squares on top of the old table support. Having purchased this cute thing it was disappointing to see a host of squares missing, but thankfully they all numbered 64. The easy choice would have been to send it back and demand a refund, but I decided to try and save this likeable creation (which risked a ‘some mothers do have ’em’ restoration project). Thankfully The Good Lord loves a trier, and after a bit of time…….. success!, and I noted that the pegged restored Regence set might work on it. With one square inch squares for the pegged pieces, the king is about 5 cms minus the peg, and the board works for my lovely bone pegged Regence set.

I hate giving negative feedback and returning items is very frustrating, but the current Ebay practice of encouraging spiteful remarks to unhappy buyers is a most ill-advised one, including removing deserved red negative feedback, thus the whole business risks becoming a tit for tat pillory. I get great pleasure in collecting European sets as these delightful items enhance collections greatly. Getting pieces remade holds no terrors, and the alternative in doing nothing is a bleak one, however the cost of such work can significant, and makes the set costly. Regarding all the negativity re leaving the EU, will it put me off buying from our European cousins??

Not on your Nellie it won’t!¬†



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February 27, 2021

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