A mid-20th century African tribal chess set

A recent purchase from Germany via Klittich Auctions on June 24th 2021. This auction house is my favourite to do business with by a huge margin – they offer a 5 star service, and new collectors could do a lot worse than checking them out. This set was a most welcome surprise as it is a smaller version of one I already have in my collection. This small and delicate looking set is a delight with a king size of 7cms, pawns 3.5 cms – it is pictured on a board purchased on eBay months ago but not made for the set. These ‘bird’ sets don’t appear too often but once owned the collector will appreciate the carving, and a few CCI members have admired the larger version of this one – see ‘tribal sets’ – my favourite pieces being the bishops. Sometimes at auction one can get lucky as the lot has additions which are missed by others, so it’s best to take the good fortune as it will compensate for past failures since we cannot win everything out there.


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July 31, 2021

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