Recently I barely scraped by at auction on e bay to win this rather well made House of Staunton reproduction. Beware of the VULTURES swooping down snatching your prize with seconds to go, and when it happens live there is no sense in hating fellow collectors Рjust tough luck, but some of my best chess pals have sniped me lately!

With this set even a blind cave bat could notice this is not an antique ivory set – there is no semi-antiqued finish to worry about, and the ivory grain effect on the white pieces – once handled – won’t even kid a GOAT. Even the red coloured black pieces look pretty decent, but no grain effect is visible on the chessmen.

I spent quite some time studying the chessmen trying to figure out how they were made, as looking and handling as many chessmen as possible is a learning curve. The king being made in one piece is just over 8cms tall, and the pieces are quite tough, and one could easily play a game of blitz with this set with no fear of breakage.

With no original box I decided to put these pieces on a books board and they look pretty good. These ivory sets were quite expensive, and with the proposed ivory selling ban by law coming, having such a set is rather satisfying.


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February 6, 2020

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