African tribal chess set- 20th century

Here is a Makonde set I purchased on eBay some years ago – my late father, Alfred Lyons, adored birds, and I honestly think he would have loved this quality set, the star pieces being the bird pawns.  CCI member Peter Armit very kindly informed me that he had sourced from Wikipedia that the wood type is ‘mpingo’.The wood is rather light, and when I received the set I asked myself  how on earth did the carver make this set? – he/she she certainly deserved luncheon vouchers and dessert for their efforts! Some fellow collectors delight in helping out others which is very much appreciated by myself. The set is pictured on a fairly recent eBay board purchase which although not bought with the set does a fine job.

The issue of research can cause very heated debate, and some collectors take the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ approach, however perhaps the term ‘Shylock Holmes‘ might be best used for those reluctant to give even a few crumbs of credit, for information scooped up. A great pity that this happens, and an approach I want nothing to do with, on this website –  giving thanks and appreciation to others who have given their time and effort in improving my chess knowledge and education on collecting deserve a decent thank you – it is only good manners.



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May 8, 2020

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