Bone Staunton Chess Set

I recently purchased this cute bone Staunton set from the charming Madrid based Ebay seller Colle uk  aka Fran Orantos, which I believe is rather scarce. The set’s maker is unknown, and I have three wooden sets with these knights (that I decided to call ‘shire horse’ knights to aid identification), however I have never seen one in either bone or ivory. The use of the term ‘rare’ is used so frequently that its value is close to worthless. The set was open to offers, and considering the declared damage and the state of the stained pieces, I made a decent offer that was promptly accepted by the seller unlike having to wait for days, sometimes two, that come across as a curt refusal to do business that can be interpreted as if the seller feels he is being cheated out of his/her item – this can come across as rather impolite. When I received this likable little set there were no surprises as the declared description was excellent, but I decided to remove the old stain – a little time consuming. Getting it right was far from easy, and my advice to any collector wanting to do this task is to be cautious and to get advice from any possible source, including the internet, as I found this job rather tricky. The king height is 6 cms, and considering my efforts and the damage which won’t be repaired, I will live quite happily with the set’s imperfection because I really like this cute little Staunton.


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August 15, 2020

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