Early 20th Century handmade plastic travel chess set in leather effect case

The seller offered a decent honest description, well worth showing:-

Vintage travel cased chess set with carved Celluloid? pieces, stunning!
Very good condition, one tiny pin missing from the catch.
Approx 9″ x just under 7″ when closed.
Board is 16cm x 15cm.

The case seems to be made of a leather effect material, and for some strange reason no bids, so The Lyon took a bite. These early plastic travel sets are nice things, and it is easy to tell if the pieces are handmade. By looking at the images offered by the seller (03-05051-67618 SOLD BY timmyboy22572) one can clearly see turning variation on the crenellations differ on one of the rooks – no seam joins visible, pretty much shows any buyer the set is not moulded plus beware of mass-produced moulded plastic replacement pieces being added to travel sets since poor photos can hide a host of rogues.

These quality cased sets don’t appear on the Bay too often so a case of one that got away! There are no markings re a maker or origin visible on the case, but my best guess is it might be a French travel set?


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June 15, 2020

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