English Pattern chess set

A recent auction house purchase, this quality set was described as a ‘Lund'(?!) – the king height is 11.5cms with a base width almost 4cms. Of my few dozen English Pattern sets, the bases are unfelted which is normal, but should not increase the set’s value in my opinion. When it comes to descriptions, there are a host of rather confusing terms – ‘Staunton style‘ rubbish – the sets are of course known as ‘Staunton’. The use of pattern as a selling tool, and the term ‘rare‘ is often the seller talking out of his or her rear end! One day one can expect ‘Kill Arnie‘ (Killarney) chessmen on offer! At least the big man is alive, anything to generate interest. The best way to be safe is to check Google images for a stamped Lund set then view with great care by noting if any claimed pattern resembles the real thing before parting with your cash. The quality of the set should encourage the buyer. New collectors are best advised to look at the quality and not be blinded by brand names.



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March 4, 2024

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