Late 19th century Chinese ivory Staunton chess set

With the coming ivory ban, prices for these sets appear to be falling, and this recent auction house purchase  – a lovely quality set with delicate looking pieces – was received like a gift from the gods! With a conservative-looking condition report, the set was in great condition – king 6cms, base width 2.75cms. Based upon the price paid this Chinese  beauty was way underrated. With these small delicate looking sets, ‘be nice to the clergy’ (bishops), and don’t ever drop the king! With the crosses being intact plus all 4 minute bishop ball knops in place, it is indeed a blessing, and a delightful addition to my collection of  three  Chinese Staunton sets which are genuine antiques – a most fortunate purchase for myself:-

Buying at auction holds no terrors for me, but the MAILBOXES ETC nonsense timescale of 10 working days for delivery needs a bit of stick! There are thankfully some people out there who can be relied upon, with quicker delivery and reasonable costs charged. MAILBOXES ETC has a monopoly and play it very badly indeed. A friendly chat on the phone to the auction house can offer good alternatives such as the very efficient Gemma Peach from Silver Arrow who specialises in auction house uplifts:-



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March 18, 2022

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