Late19th century Staunton chess set

Sometimes we collectors can purchase a set with substitute pieces  Рsee link below:-

Three various turned wood chess sets (one set with two replaced knights) (

I liked the look of the squat bishops plus the chunky bases of the kings, queens and rooks, and the set had a quality box with no maker’s marks. The unweighted boxwood/ebonised set has a 9.5 cms king, base 4 cms, and is not one I recall seeing before – also the pawns have a distinct point on the ball knop. Important details like this are well worth noting, as after time research can be improved. The knights being excluded makes me doubt it is of British origin as I have no knowledge of its maker, however research is only reliable when it is updated therefore page 21 figure 29 of my joint publication with Mick Deasey, The British Chess Company (BCC) Stroud & London, requires a long overdue correction (my fault entirely!) re my desire to have claim to a BCC set with hand carved knights! This simply cannot be proven, but the late 19th century BCC Staunton now has 4 correct lizard knights, thus these bogus unproven knights have replaced the ones in the set but look rather good in my opinion.¬†Purchased from Smith Newent auctions last November 18th. If only when sets were compiled with additions, open admissions would help researchers a great deal.








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February 2, 2022

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