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Here is a fairly recent purchase offering a spare piece from a rare set, so when I saw it as a BIN (Buy it Now) and with the speed of a black mamba snake I bought the cute pawn. Knowing who the seller was was indeed a huge bonus, as at past auctions or chess collector meet ups we have shared a few enjoyable  beers together:-


Trying to acquire a John Company set by buying the odd piece over the years would be extremely difficult, but there is an easy way via ETP ( Empty The Purse ) – even spending a penny in the John with company won’t work! However even collecting over a time a selection of the odd single piece can be mighty satisfying, as some quality single pieces can be fine-looking decorative pieces when displayed in the home. A GP (Good Pal) from Holland has stated correctly that replacing missing pieces from sets is far from easy, but recently prices for single pieces has rocketed on the Bay so this purchase was simply because I liked the look of the wee fellow, but the seller acf1515  gave the Lyon a tasty surprise snack of three extra pieces for free – yummy, and a nice gesture.

A novel idea is to purchase from any hardware outlet some light timber mouldings 3 metres x 1.5 x.5 inches, which make it  easy to screw to spare wall space then display the pieces for easy visibility, as leaving dozens and dozens in a drawer makes quick viewing difficult. Being brutally honest, the modern looking display cases are the mother of ugly beasts that don’t work out in late 19th century flats like mine (apologies in advance to collector friends if offence is taken as it is not meant).


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September 11, 2020

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