SMALLER SETS – late 19th century unweighted boxwood/ebonised staunton set

collecting views are always a matter of opinion, plus the preference for larger sets can be rather costly. when I started collecting on the internet

back in 2004, I noted this advice on a prominent website – buy Ivory , buy big , when collecting , so I decided to collect smaller sets, and noted that some fine quality

sets were worth having and far less costly . over the years I have purchased a few small sets, which I won’t part with until I am six foot under , and the worms get to work, so perhaps future prices will support my choices.

this little set was recently purchased on E Bay with a rather nice looking casket ( which I doubt was original for the set ) which needed T L C tender loving care, and the number of times I have done small repairs to boxes must exceed at least 50 times, as boxes are often neglected or even too small for the sets as there is so much chopping & changing done with sets over the years . This set has a lovely consistent  patina & the king is just about 8 cms , but nice quality. bidding to win it was competitive and I was delighted to get it as the E BA y seller made a good job of describing it .

the more I add to my collection of small sets, the happier I am in owning them, & they can look delightful on smaller boards, at a fraction of the cost of larger chessmen, so perhaps starter collectors might do worse by considering my collecting choices.


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October 29, 2019

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