Some pieces of Chess History

Here are a few notes by George Walker re his visit to Stratford upon Avon back in 1833. When one reads this text, it is quite likely that a collector who questions the dating of some so-called rare sets, he or she can in my opinion be sceptical when one reads these words by Walker. George wrote a chess column in ‘Bells Life’ in London from 1834-1873. The claims by some sellers re dating reminds me of selling sand to the Arabs and ice to the Eskimos, almost treating us collectors as complete idiots.

For interested parties on chess history, and with references, it is best enjoyed for free! ‘Chess Notes’ by Edward Winter – this jolly good fellow has offered us interested in chess history some pretty decent stuff:-

Judging by what is written out there, taking the time and trouble to enjoy his offerings can only improve one’s knowledge of chess playing history!


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June 29, 2020

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