Vintage phenolic resin Staunton chess set

A few years ago I completed a private exchange deal with a dealer in chess sets. This delightful set is a quality one, and may well be rather scarce should intense eBay research count for something. This set has nicely carved knights with teeth that would intrigue more than a few dentists out there – the facial carved grimace reminds me of the antics of a well known football Manager gnashing his glorious white teeth in frustration as things have not gone to plan during the past premier league season!

With a king height of just under 3.5 inches and maker unknown, the set is in its original box with the letters ‘HLM’ on the lid and the box offers generous space for the chessmen. A curious thing is the ‘5’ stamped under the two white knights but no other pieces. The set has varied colour differences on the bases, but no matter as one gets used to it – one could easily call it a ‘TAGO’ set – Try and Get One if you can! With the ivory ban coming these scarce early plastic sets may well be far more difficult to get in the coming years. The interesting board has plastic inlaid squares, and was purchased from the late Dario Perez (selling on eBay as ‘Axadrez‘) who sadly passed away some years ago. Matching boards with sets is great fun if they work, and I think this pairing works very well.


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June 15, 2021

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