A 20th century Czech playing chess set

A recent tasty ‘Fresh Meat’ purchase from Klittich Auctions in Germany, in my humble opinion the best auction house for selling chess items by a distance. This fantastic auction house offers pretty reliable descriptions of lots for sale, plus for this lot  the description was spot on, the set almost new, so it is worth offering this to viewers:-

‘Europe. Czech Republic. Two chess sets made of wood. One side stained in black, the other natural (light brown). Produced in the first half of 20th century. Kings 5,8 and 9,3 cm high, pawn 3,0 and 5,0. Complete chess sets, one in a simple form and the other mostly with incised discs. A little bit dusty and with minor chips.’
For some strange reason these very likeable sets don’t appear for sale too often, or perhaps owners dislike
parting with them. This being my second set of this type in my collection, I was most fortunate winning a similar
lovely set on Ebay, described as art deco!? This unweighted set was purchased with no original box.

Why share the information on this auction house, and thus not keep this information for my self? All because good sellers deserve good business, repeat buyers, and new collectors can get useful future hints on where to buy. There is an excellent photo of Vera Menchik with this type of set by C T K Prague that offers quality evidence of such chessmen of  being Czech origin. Getting another one, with a low estimate fooled no one, as the pack of hyenas circled around the net making frenzied bidding attempts – I needed super glue on the bid button to get this tasty lunch and my purse was depleted a little ……… phew!
I was once advised that if the lion (or Lyon in my case!) bids on the low side at auction for his desired meal, HE STARVES! – pretty useful advice. I use the description ‘Fresh Meat‘ to describe recent buys, as an injection of humour for viewers, as without taking bidding losses on the chin properly the rusty razor blades are best hidden in the bathroom to cushion disappointment when losing out for luncheon or dinner!
A special mention to viewers of this website that without the assistance and support of my adorable wife Pauline this site would not exist.

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July 18, 2020

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