A Czech Austro or German chess set – late 19th century

A recent fresh meat purchase after a late E Bay hunt, and this probably Czech Austrian or German fruitwood set not weighted – thank god it was never made heavier as the wood is so delicate that the fragile collars on the pawns would most likely be damaged . Every piece is a delight to me!

This set was purchased from the well known E Bay seller OLD GAMES OF CHESS, who offers tasty fare on the internet plains, and I simply had to photo it in the Glasgow rainy season to see the pieces come to life on a campaign roll-up board, this board was a most fortunate purchase from the Ruthven Mews antiques arcade where one can buy a multitude of older antique & vintage collectables that offer a fine opportunity to purchase at very reasonable prices compared to the goods on offer from the array of repro shops in Glasgow’s West End – when looking for something interesting just ask for Paul.

With a king height of just under 7.5 cms, this central European set is a style that I am starting to like very much, and the website ‘the chess museum’  has a wide variety of coffee house sets and it is well worth a look by those interested in similar type of sets:-


Sadly a CCI member Nicholas Linear died recently who put a great deal of effort in running the site.


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June 18, 2019

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