a late 19th century chess & backgammon board

A patient hunt was this E BAY kill , and this lovely item is a papier mache chess & backgammon with a small playing area of 12×12 inches it is nice to try out sets on these antique pieces and my wife often takes a keen interest in what sets look best with my boards. both pictures show a Britans lead set gilted in silver and gold, with a modern glass set in the second image getting boards too small for the pieces is the worst crime makers of tourist sets make time after time .one maker the British chess company in the 1890’s recommended a suitable board size for their chessmen..RECENTLY I SAW ON A PROMINENT  WEB SITE A STATEMENT THAT ALL stamped  ANTIQUE BOARDS WERE MADE BY THE SAME MAKER !????. THIS STATEMENT IIS NOT CORRECT no   evidence was offered to support this stated fact  Winters chess notes he offers a passage on the british chess company which states that this maker did indeed make their own chess boards, i also owned a stamped board made by murtons of Newcastle in the recent past


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June 19, 2019

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