SO CALLED WHITTY SET 1?PHOTO COURTESY OF rogers & jones auctions cardiff

as stated in ththis Ayres category , the claim that this so called Richard  Whitty set can be questioned when one views the ayres public Picasa album by CCI member keith MIDDELTON , AND THIS SET WITH WHITTY STAMPING ON THE BOX INSIDE LID R whitty with crown stamps on the Rooks and knights are now accepted as F h Ayres in a polished box made by Ayres .

in the early 2000’s this stamping was incorrectly as BCC on a very prominent web site but no evidence was offered to support the case .I have a ships set in my collection and a good examination or the pieces bear a marked resemblence to AYRES CHESSMEN . THE GARETH WILLIAMms ARTICLE ON AYRESwas never followed up for almost a decade  perhaps these sets were not deemed to be of much value compared to Jaques !? what will be mighty interesting if the multitude of claimed Richard Whitty sets come with these well known crown stamps and identical Ayres polished boxes .as stated Chess collectors international member peter Armit has researched the trade directories for any evidence that richard Whitty made chessmen. the nonsense claimed that Whitty worked for JAQUES belongs in brothers grimm story books !!!!

please note the set and box, in this photo, does not belong in my collection, which has been published here for research reasons .


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June 20, 2019

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