A late 19th century chess board stamped Homas Spellen

Since I have been collecting, I have only managed to acquire three stamped chess boards, as these tend to be rather pricey and also because I’m a Scrooge who hates giving any dealer a profit, by making the transaction so difficult that sellers run a mile from making any kind of a deal with me.

The second was a basic board stamped ‘Murtons of Newcastle’, and thanks to my good pal Joost, I got a stamped BCC one at London’s Portabello Road. The likeable Dutchman spotted this treasure, and I got the board for a song – no rhymed begging verse was necessary (but beware of using Scottish bank notes down there as some dealers appear to have not forgotten Bannockburn when it comes to purchasing collectables!)

I believe Homas Spellen was a games maker in Holland, and this board was a recent purchase from sandmarti-17 selling on Ebay. This board is displaying a 4 inch weighted Staunton set. So at 44 x 44 cms it is of a good size for many sets.




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February 9, 2020


  1. Arthur

    I have one from Homas Spelen. I am restoring it now (varnishing). The stamp is clear. Interested?

    • Pauline McCallum

      Hi, thanks for the offer but I am not looking to buy another at present!

  2. Joost

    Hi Pauline and Guy
    The Dutch HOMAS factory lasted from 1923 to 1983 as far as I know. Therefore the board must be from that period. I have a HOAMS board with the name painted. I didn’t know of the stamp, so you board must be an early one,

    • Pauline McCallum

      Many thanks for the information my good friend Joost, it is much appreciated! Warm regards, Guy


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