late 19th century weighted Staunton chess set

a recent fresh tasty meat purchase on e bay from the ever reliable seller old games of chess.

this is a cracking set of weighted box/ ebonised chessmen with a 4 inch king which came in its original box with generous room for the chessmen , the mahogany box was in excellent condition and this item was well sought after with 31 bids.

e bay offerings from good sellers will attract viewers or watchers on the telephone wires just like Hitchcock’s film The Birds from1963 -watching , waiting , and as the auction end draws near feathers ruffle as trial bids are tried out , so like an evil vulture  with seconds to go , I swooped down &  offered a sawn off shot gun bid to win this desired set of chessmen. trusting the seller counts for a lot  on auction ending day .

the maker of this English  set is unknown, but it is a quality item, so it is a fine addition to my collection. a curious feature as when I lined up the 4 knights side by side I was able to feed a cocktail stick through the carved mouths of the horses which looked rather amusing.


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February 9, 2020

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