A late19th century German Staunton chess set

A few years ago I purchased this cute little set on the Bay in perfect condition with no original box. This unweighted set I had believed for some time to be of German origin, although a very knowledgeable collector and CCI member suggested this just might be a Russian set, but when I receive suggestions from fellow collectors I take heed rather than make an ass of myself on any site including mine. A few days ago I purchased a set from ‘old games of chess‘ which if anything confirmed to me that I was probably correct. Thanks to a researcher I was given some most useful German information via the ‘ADOLF ROEGNER MAKER’ catalogue from 1885. Upon a close examination of both sets, I was happy to believe that both sets were German, however relying on drawings for precise and exact statements need great care to make research statements as fact, and even if there is a shred of doubt it is best to be cautious. Thus by keeping sets over time and considered discussion with fellow collectors, then one has a pretty good chance of getting it right.

The set’s original box offers no information e.g. no maker’s label, but I believe that these sets are rather scarce as I have only seen a couple of sets resembling the maker’s drawings.  So this will be a ‘keeper’ as I like it very much  – as usual all because this set was small (6.5 cms) king, it was purchased for peanuts.


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August 26, 2020

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