Small German Staunton chess set – late 19th century

A recent ‘fresh meat’ purchase on the Bay from ‘old games of chess’. (‘Fresh meat‘ is just my humorous way of categorising recent purchases). Thanks to fellow hyenas The Lyon was forced to empty his purse in winning this scarce looking set – no matter, auctions are auctions, it’s highest bidder takes all. This lovely little set was I believe made in the late 19th century by the German maker Adolf Roegner from Leipzig as I was kindly given for free by researcher Mick Deasey this maker catalogue from 1885, and this set closely resembles the drawings of the pieces. The seller ‘old games of chess is an absolute gentleman, as viewing Facebook some collectors felt that this set contained replacement pieces, then not longer afterwards this seller emailed me that if I had any issues with the set I could return it for a full refund. I have no issues with the set, because I firmly believe in the late Garrick Colemans ‘turner’s licence’ as for example I have a Jaques ivory Morphy set where there is a noticeable difference in the height of both queens. One could start to convince oneself that there was a replacement lady in the lovely set, but self-scaremongering I am pretty sure is a common disease as there is such an overwhelming emphasis on value on the current crop of antique programmes on television, and it is little wonder this doubting of one’s buys can spread through the minds of collectors – keeping in regular contact with fellow CCI members has been of great value as friendships grow and self confidence in collecting with it.

The sheer pleasure of the hunt for decent sets is great fun but taking the hits on the chin as we can all screw up when buying. For a smaller version of a Staunton from this German maker see under ‘pet/favourite sets’. For the benefit of viewing collectors, note the straightforward description with no misleading or made up garbage to justify stiff prices or extract a financial pound of flesh from the unwary:- ‘Antique chess set  – The king is 7 cm approx. The white Queen has the felt missing and there is a hole on the top of the box’  No fancy wording, but it simply allows collectors to make up their own mind and backed up with quality photos:-



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August 26, 2020

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