African chess set

A recent purchase on the bay , & I was mighty pleased with this set. CC member Peter Armit has a similar set in his collection, which he states is possibly from Ghana.

My wife Pauline studied the queen with interest which is approx. 12 cms tall, but certainly it is the tallest piece in the set. I asked the seller for as much info as possible, but none was offered. The wonderful lighter coloured wood fused into the darker one is known as sap wood , but it certainly adds to the set’s look.

For some odd reason unknown to me, these sets seem to be sold for a pittance, and are well worth collecting, which is good news for less affluent collectors, but getting a suitable board with the right square size is tricky – the wood type is unknown to me but it is a quality material with a nice weighty feel to the pieces.




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March 6, 2020

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