Antique chess board – late 19th century

This lovely antique was picked up by me at the popular Collectables shop known as ‘Relics’ down Ruthven Mews, Dowanside Lane in the West End of Glasgow as I frequently pick up a wide range of low costing presents for friends and family. They don’t seem to have their own website yet but you can find info here on Trip Advisor:_

When I heard the price for this board I ‘bit the fellow’s hand off ‘ so pleased was I with this purchase that I would rather hang myself and sell it off at a profit, as even getting decent chess boards on the Internet can be a bit costly these days! This antique made of maple and mahogany is approx 14 inches square, as so often tourist chess boards have squares far too small for the chessmen. A recent development is faking up antique stained finishes on past collectable chessmen – something I despise! I rarely haggle as their prices are so reasonable, with both Stephen and Albert very happy to oblige hunters of ‘fresh meat’, and this place is so darned good that I avoid reproduction shops like the plague and their produce far from impressive and expensive for what they are to boot. Television seems to forget that these sellers of collectables have families to feed , rates to pay, plus doing business in Glasgow’s West End is none too cheap!


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May 25, 2019

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