Antique English pattern chess set

This unstamped quality set in turned boxwood and rosewood was purchased by me for a bargain price without an original box and a significant amount of damage around 2 years ago at the Ingliston Antique Fair near Edinburgh hosted at the Royal Highland Centre. As an exercise I had a go (a ‘HAG’) at attempting to repair some of the chipped pieces because I am so fond of this cracking set of chessmen. Attempting to repair sets can cause huge problems, so what is done should ideally be able to be ‘undone’ without destroying the set itself. I showed my somewhat limited endeavours to a few CCI members who reckoned that I might deserve some Luncheon Vouchers for my efforts! I believe this set may be from the Calvert stable, but with so many sets out there being attributed to this famous maker some caution is necessary in making a Calvert claim.

The Ingliston fair is a very enjoyable event to go to, with the good news being that the stallholders will be most happy to accept English pound notes! Like all of these events there is an element of luck when buying anything, with most stallholders being friendly, but the canny Scots dealers don’t give away decent stuff for nothing – after all they have got to eat!


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May 24, 2020

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