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At present there are a significant number of collectable chess clocks for sale on Ebay. I had the past advantage of using these clocks when I played chess in Ireland from 1976-1984. My favourite playing clock is in the below link where I was waiting like a VULTURE for on the Bay and it cost me £ 22.00:-
The biggest problem for me as a chess collector is the modern digital clock. In my view they are rather ugly beasts, and I hate using them, all because I am a Dinosaur (or a Dino- sore- ass ?!) when it comes to modern stuff including  mobiles, computers etc. For an alternative view on these ugly beasts see this:-
This offers a useful alternative view on this issue of mine.
Checking Google photos of digital clocks pretty much sums up why they are far from attractive looking, and I noticed on a forum discussing exactly this topic. With clocks for play my personal preference are German timers – tough, reliable, well-made, and having two such clocks they have served me superbly when playing blitz chess in Glasgow. Some chess clocks were so fragile that back in Ireland using them for blitz was banned as they kept breaking down – wisdom was at work, so I often
brought my own reliable clock for speed chess between rounds in weekend congresses. From a visual point of view, my favoured clock is a Russian one, all because it has a classy look however they can be rather costly at present. The demand for good looking clocks is strong, and they can be sold if they are needing a service, so if not working and they are of good appearance they are very collectable. However my views of currently priced clocks on sale, would make a host of Ebay sellers hate the sight of me!!

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August 9, 2023

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