Vintage Vietnamese chess board

I can only offer an unbiased opinion on these well made Vietnamese boards. Often sold with turned horn Regence chessmen, – new collectors, please note that the knights heads on the white pieces are made with hand carved ivory. To view these boards and Regence pieces, check Google photos here:-
These boards for an odd reason are rather underpriced. Sadly the makers failed to appreciate that the chessmen were on the small side with bases too narrow. However any new collector who likes the look of these boards, then …… ” G R A B one ” as long as the prices stay lowish. I have three of them, and only paid around £50.00 plus a little more, as the Regence pieces came with the board. With tourist type boards I always check the the square diagonals, and if they do not align nicely then they are best avoided , ” my personal view only ”  – each to his/her own taste of course. With a decent square size they can be rather good for play and display on a number of collectable sets.

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August 7, 2023

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