Chinese late 19th century Staunton chess set with extra ugly knights

Here we are in July 2020, and yet I purchase a bone ‘rodent/rat’ knight Chinese set in okay condition on Ebay with an ugly looking chip from a red rook.  A careful looking study of the horses’ teeth reminds me of the nasty looking rats from the horror film of the late 1970’s, “Willard”. Still I will continue to like ugly, however what swung my likeness for the chessmen were the nicely-turned kings, queens, rooks, plus the very reasonable price level the set reached when this auction ended. I like the chunky looking shanks on both kings and queens.

With no original box, I am guessing the set is Chinese, but hardly a common-looking one – perhaps the reason is that such horses would have zero chances in getting rosettes at any horse show? – who the hell cares, as collecting is all about personal taste. The set is pictured on an inlaid table top board, plus the eagle eyed collector will notice the attempted repair to the left side red castle.


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July 23, 2020

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