Modern designer interior fake trash!

Sometimes to make a point one needs to risk ridicule, as I hurriedly purchased this trash imitating the late 19th century genuine book boards for chess, backgammon. Whilst the cost of this item won’t hurt my purse for eternity, but the very idea of any Ebay selling serpent using enticing looking prices disgusts the hell out of me. Such a seller should be burned at the stake! Ebay wants to give sellers of everything bar nuclear weapons great feedback which in many cases is a lie, thus this serpent has made an enemy of me for life! Why make such a public fuss over a paltry sum spent?  Because I care about collecting, and having met many collectors I can assume they do as well, and the makers of this garbage crap belong in the snake pit, plus the sellers deserve the Paris guillotine – buying this garbage fakery will put friendships at risk – don’t ever buy this faked up trash for collectors, and wives bearing gifts be warned:- I despise these so-called trendy designer shops peddling this crude fakery with daft prices.

I have known of collectors who offer received gifts to charity shops, but I utterly destroyed this item as such a gesture risks a clever dick punting the item up for sale to  a muggins like myself – now the binned debris will end up in landfill, as the underground bugs might choke on the material. God knows what it was made of or where it came from – CCC = Creative Chinese Crap came to mind as I literally wielded my hammer in rage – I found this demolition job very satisfying which relieved me of the built up lockdown frustration!


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July 25, 2020

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