Clear and amber coloured plastic Staunton chess set


Here is a recent purchase from Ebay, but not for an inflated price as the chessmen are made of moulded plastic.

These sets were sourced on Google images but calling the pieces ‘German style’ is news to me??! The use of the word ‘amber’ is to  say the least rather sneaky. The chessmen are light, not weighty, and look attractive on a decent inlaid plastic board. This is the second set of this type I have, but plastic sets re not seen too often. King height is almost 4 inches.  Since the retailer of these sets chess is in the USA, I would suggest that the use of the wording ‘amber coloured’ would be less misleading:-

3 3/4″ Amber & Clear German Staunton Plastic Chess Pieces
These plastic chess pieces are amber and clear plastic in a traditional German style. This set can be used with any tournament size vinyl chess board, or could also be used on a variety of other boards ranging from 1 3/4″ – 2 1/4″ squares for a modern display piece.
This is a complete set of 32 chess pieces.
Imported from Poland, Extra queens not included’

To make matters worse, there are chessmen being sold from Russia as ‘amber’ that are not of the best quality and at prices which are pretty stiff. Friendly advice to collectors – use Google images to source less common looking sets, plus take the descriptions with great caution before emptying your wallets or purses.





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April 30, 2020

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