A fairly recent purchase from Burstow & Hewett auctions, which had acceptable damage, and was well worth a bid . These boards don’t often come up, so  in my opinion to grab one when one can as  buying boards can be a risky business, so I gave the auctioneer the KGB treatment with veiled threats if the description was in correct! But with mail boxes offering an excellent packing service, the item arrived in good order to be fair to the gentleman who I spoke to on the phone as he enjoyed the experience, and I would be more than happy to bid again from this auction house.

I am happy to accept the auction house description of the inlaid wood types as one might as well consult with an aged woodpecker to get the woods right. This being the second club sized board, so I will always keep a Cyclops eye out for one, and these items can be rather costly to get in perfect condition.

The additional photo is the ‘Big Boris’ Russian set on display.



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April 28, 2020

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