early American spiked finial king chess set

this is by a country mile by far the most interesting American set ( purchased on E BAY USA IN AROUND 2006) .the imitation boxwood has  developed  a lovely patina. with a king height of 7 cms and a base width of 3 cms is perfect for playing with.the one piece carved knights give this set a nice edge . CCI member mick Deasey has created a fine public Picasa Album is well worth a good look as not too much exists on American wooden sets out there .

I strongly recommend that collectors look at the few public Picasa albums available to see as the research is true and accurate with no monetary angle .

to view the public Picasa albums google Guy LYONS CHESS AND YOU WILL SEE IN fRENCH A FEW LINKS ” Mick  mick ” Sadly Google will shut this album archive down on APRIL 2 2019. THIS IS SO TRAGIC AS a huge amount of work was put into this research by CCI members Mick Deasey, Peter Armit and Keith Middleton.

perhaps research has been neglected as these interesting sets don’t appear to be worth too much? NO Jaques set i have in wood comes ahead of this which i believe may well be a rather scarce American set made of wood, as they are well worth collecting, in my humble opinion.


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February 27, 2019

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  1. Alan

    I couldn’t agree more with you and find this example enchanting.


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