Here we have a type of collectors dilemma, as this decent quality set has a familiar look about it. However when this set is compared to a stamped Jaques Saint George via Google photos, the collector is tempted to make a claim that such a set is a Jaques . Upon close examination to the real thing, there are noticeable differences between the carved mane on the knights head, plus the nose is shorter.

The set was a private purchase around 12 years ago , with no original box , unstamped with a king height of just over 9 cms.

Just to confuse things this lovely set is housed in a genuine antique box with a tiny paper label B B WELLS 451 West Strand, all because having purchased a box locally in Glasgow, then in the future if this set moves on elsewhere, a claim that this set of chessmen was made by this maker!? This confusion could arise because I matched up this set and box. How often does this happen or happened over the years?

tps://chessantiquesonline.com/Antique_English_Chess_Sets.htm – his written quote has been uplifted from the Rochford site chess antiques on line, but I could not agree more ,

Note signed sets are worth considerable more than unsigned sets but I personally think the quality of the set should speak for itself and not the signature. So if for valuation purposes as a collector that I insist this very collectable set is a Jaques, then I must assume that the evidence question will be asked, as my desire should be put on hold, until more convincing evidence comes to hand.

A recent case that comes to mind is a seller claiming that his set on offer was a BCC one was it was so, because he said it was – complete rubbish, so if being asked for a significant sum of money simply ask  “evidence please” , all because makers like Jaques, BCC Calvert etc carry a premium which can be quite hefty.

As a collector I purchased some sets with biased monetary claims, in my earlier years, but it was a learning curve. Should viewers gain something from viewing my thoughts on chessmen, then they are most welcome.

This website is NOT A BUSINESS so vultures, Hyenas, and parasites get lost – please stop sending me messages offering unwanted advice. They have two chances of getting any money from me – SLIM AND NONE !!


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May 29, 2020

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