English pattern small chess set – late 19th century

This small English pattern chess set is a delightful little thing , purchased about 14 years ago, which I had hoped might be a Jaques, but I have yet to see an identical looking turned wooden set of box/ rosewood.
The set was purchased without an original box, but it might have come from a quality compendium. This cute baby is a keeper set and one for the Tomb and my afterlife! All because it was small, I picked it up for a bargain price, and I don’t care if my past Jaques maker desire never bears fruit. The King being about 6 cms and is displayed on a small 10×10 inch square board.

Here is another favoured/’pet’ set, and as stated before the value of it is outweighed by fondness for it, as a very well known antiques specialist stated on TV recently, ” people like small things ” and she is darned right!


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May 29, 2020

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