English playing set – late 19th Century

A recent ‘fresh meat’ purchase from the every reliable Tim Millard expertly packaged and delivered to me within 2 days of payments – it is wonderful to have such a reliable dealer. Tim’s description of the set is spot on:-

‘REF1816 English playing set & box.
Circa 1880-1910

Fine turned & carved English playing set, one side boxood other side ebony. The pieces with attractive wide bases and slender bodies. knights as attractive horses heads.
An interesting design , retaining original french polished finish.
Set comes in original mahogany slide lid box.
Kings 9.5 CM Tall’

This is exactly the type of set I like to collect and something different, with no condition issues. Whilst no claim is made about a ‘maker’s pattern’ without a shred of evidence, but at least this unusual set just might have been influenced by the Corbould design – see here on Frank’s site:-


There is a significant difference between the use of a well-known maker by using the term ‘pattern’ or possibly by any maker to generate interest.  Here is a so-called BCC set but the only evidence offered was a mis-described so-called ‘popular’ set on the internet, possibly Ebay:-


This incorrect description has cost the buyer almost £300.00 including commission and shipping but it is not a BCC set!

The photographed pieces are unweighted with no crown stamps on the rooks or knights, but it is a fine playing set and is displayed on a genuine antique board with no distressed finish.




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June 7, 2020

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