Late19th century Staunton chess set

There have been so many sets attributed to BCC that can sell for decent sums of money should buyers be convinced. This basic cheaper late 19th century Staunton, lightly weighted with a 7cm king just might have been thought to have been a possible BCC one, but having paid more than three times as much on the Bay thanks to a dealer chasing possible gold. Sometimes this happens, and when I received the set I could not find a scrap of evidence that this set was a BCC one – the box is wrong, the set is unstamped, whilst the knight heads bear some sort of resemblance to a scarce early 20th century imperial BCC set with taller rooks and hand carved fierce-looking knights.

Wanting a set to be of a prized maker can be costly to some collectors in competitive auction, however to do proper research it does cost the collector, but fail to win on the Bay the set can cost you up to 5 or at worst even 10 times your highest bid. An auction house recently attributed a set to be a possibly a BCC one, their only evidence being viewing an incorrect description on the internet.


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June 3, 2020

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