Fellow Collectors – please help me to identify a BCF set!

This image of a king with a round knop ( not a cross ) was advertised in the chess Amateur in 1915, and I have been for years trying in vain to find a correct set.
this collage of three images illustrates just how easy it is to confuse collectors with made up nonsense via web sites. for a start the set is an assembly of pieces purchased at auction and a part set E Bay purchase. firstly the felts all don’t match & all the pawns are weighted plus assorted pieces.only. the advert offers very basic info which clearly rules out any possible claim.

what is worth noting is that the set feels great in the hand with nice chunky pieces and nice to play with but it is not a B C F set!!
this harlequin set has no original box with BCC like popular knights ( heads not screwed to bases )& bishops, but since these sets were relitavely inexpensive and used in B C F congresses, I have never seen a complete set for sale !?
so where on earth are they and if any collectors have a complete one with its original box , I would very much like to see one , perhaps before an invented commerative reproduction appears for sale on the internet..

it is well worth paying attention to the advert wording, and I sincerely hope fellow collectors with web sites follow this open disclosure practice


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August 28, 2019


  1. Byron Mortimer

    Observing the knop in silhouette shows that in essence it is cross shaped, but lacking the finishing stage of having the sides shaved off. Perhaps it was just another way found to cut costs by reducing the manufacturing process! The bishops certainly look BCC but overall the set lacks symmetry in my eyes; the knights look ridiculously small.

    • Pauline McCallum

      Thanks Byron that’s good to know!


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