Getting BCC history correct

Makers of reproduction chessmen sometimes bastardise history by inventing rubbish stolen from various sites.

But the truth of the matter is that misinformation just might be believed by the unwary. The so-called Stroud Tournament Set image was uplifted from the Doreland Chess website. The rubbish and lies printed on the Staunton castle corrupts everything, plus the set was a first prize award, and no doubt if the winner, F Thackery, received a fat chicken such a product might have ended up as the Stroud Bernard Matthews ‘fowl’ series …..

This chess set is the best chess set by British Chess Company of Stroud, and was reproduced it in original looked semi-antiqued boxwood with genuine ebony wood fit enough to gifted to enthusiasts, collectors and chess institutions. The sharp contrast is its light and dark chessmen which makes the set a beautiful decorative item for the collector’s desk at home.

This reproduction set was used in international chess tournaments that took place from 1900 to 1901. In the play, the inevitable ease was because of heavy-weighted bottom of each piece in the set. The specific knight of this design catches everyone – pure crap insulting the intelligence of every BCC set lover! There is a web site which can be trusted ( so invented garbage can be seen for what exactly what it is if an interested party searches through the site for historic chess tournaments.

Why on earth these makers can make such outragous claims beggars belief. Should so-called business experts make highly dubious claims they might consider backing them up with decent evidence. There are photographs of chessmen used in tournament play via the internet, so why do the Indian makers resort to cowboy sales tactics?? As a collector I wish these manufacturers the worst possible misfortune in their future business, plus the very idea of buying any item off these people or their sales a non-starter for myself as a collector.

Here is a link to a site whiich offers a decent range of historic images for enthusiasts interested in real history:-

The eagle eyed collector will notice the white looking knights’ heads in the photo .


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April 15, 2020

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