Jaques chessboard – probably late 19th century

A wonderful surprise gift from my lovely wife and a most welcome addition to my collection of chessboards:-

Stunning Jaques Chess Board | 819029 | Sellingantiques.co.uk

This collector-friendly dealer has again lived up to expectation, and my wife reports that the transaction was a very pleasant one. When I examined the Jaques label (which I was hitherto unfamiliar with), it appears to be a transfer with coatings of French polish/shellac to keep it in place. The square size is more than adequate for a host of my Staunton sets. Board size is of great importance – a useful test for a set is when two pawns can be placed side by side in any square without either touching the edge then everything works pretty well thus both set and board will look great together. Not having a stamped Jaques board left a gaping hole in my collection which is now happily filled. Plenty more to come! One thing worth a mention is that wives have made a significant contribution to the CCI, therefore receiving surprise gifts from our loved one is a welcome bonus.

I have found buying boards a risky business as the popular description of ‘Jaques quality‘ should be double and triple checked before parting with significant sums of money. A useful tip is to check the frame and then the rear, plus beware of warping and inlay movement. I would rather take the risk than purchase a modern ‘monsterpiece’ with a  so-called ‘distressed finish’. Others out there might disagree with my views, and of course are more than welcome to have their own.




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September 7, 2021

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