A modern perspex chessboard

A recent purchase from Locke & England auctions via the Saleroom, however some months ago I purchased from Klittich auctions a Bohemian cased glass set with its original board made in Czechoslovakia, but the squares were too small for my taste. So I saw this item (I don’t recall seeing too many of these boards), and here was an opportunity to acquire what I believed would be a suitable board for this set. With nice chunky pieces the almost 6×6 cm squares are more than adequate to hold the pieces, without overcrowding which is the case with the fragile looking glass board that came with the set.

A Modern moulded plastic set looks great on this item and it was far from expensive including the shipping cost from the auction house via Mailboxes. In the photo is a moulded modern transparent plastic Staunton set – I have seen a few of them on Ebay in the past 6 months, and they make a pleasant change from Hong Kong plastic sets. French style knights with amber ‘coloured’ pieces for the black side. With myself and CCI member Peter Armit in our garden discussing my recent purchases  including a nice set he acquired. This business of regular contact with fellow collectors can only improve your knowledge in my opinion!


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September 10, 2021

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