Late 19th century ivory Staunton chess set

Purchased from Sheffield auctions some weeks ago – my summer slumber is over! :-


This purchase of an ivory set needed serious consideration, but  being a genuine antique, it is important as buying mid 20th century Hong Kong Chinese ivory is like investing in a trans Sahara snail race…. most collectors in the future will avoid them like the plague! With a king of around 8cms, this is an interesting looking set (unlikely to be of British origin) came with a white wood box. Central Europe seems possible, but it is a complete guess. Getting items shipped from auction houses is a hassle. Where no in-house shipping is offered however the cost needs to be carefully considered as the granting of a selected shipper/s monopoly when there is no in-house shipping facility allows the preferred shipper/s to charge what they like, and even worse offer a wretched 10 day waiting time which is unacceptable to me. Hence offering lots to auction houses can be risky with far fewer bidders, and as will indeed be the case, less money to the sellers with even worse levels of commission being realised. I have used a number of auction house offering their in-house shipping services and have found the level of service to be quick, capable and reliable. When satisfied I have gone to the trouble to contact these auction houses to thank them for their good reliable service, as breaking a monopoly stranglehold is a mission of mine BIG TIME!





the variation on the kings crosses , might indicate a past repair ?!

who knows



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September 27, 2022

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