miniature vegetable ivory set

THIS AMAZING LITTLE COLLECTABLE BUT ALL 32 PIECES ARE HOUSED IN A SMALL TAGUA NUT CARVED EGG , WHICH IS SOME 2 INCHES LONG AND ABOUT ONE INCH in display these tiny fragile pieces in a display case, i use the sticky side of tape folded over and place the pieces on it to prevent them from falling over and it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS TO RESEARCHER Mick DEASEY WHO SOURCED A CATALOGUE FOR adolf roegner of Leipzig – there is an illustration of a walnut case with a miniature set enclosed being sold in New York in 1911.

there is a very useful C C I ( CHESS COLLECTORS INTERNATIONAL ) publication on miniature sets, WITH ULRICH Schadler ,  MINIATURE SCHACHSPIELE where thomas thomsen explains these delightful souveniers, were an opportunity to demonstrate the skill of the craftsmen , including gold and silversmiths wanted to create the smallest sets that were still playable , and the use of  tweezers essential .

I was extremely fortunate with a dying seconds E Bay  bid to snatch this set as the auction closed, and the pieces are made from vegetable Ivory and the very fine graining to prove it is this material is only just visible in the photo. I USED THE MOST USEFUL TOM GALLEGOS PUBLICATION ‘IVORY AT A GLANCE’ TO HELP ME TO IDENTIFY THIS SET’S MATERIAL AS IT’S NONE TOO EASY. I WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK IN TIME AND SEE HOW THESE CRAFTSMEN CREATED THESE LITTLE CHESSMEN, AS IT NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME JUST HOW THEY DID IT!


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April 2, 2019

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