not a BCC set

this morning I saw on a future auction house a claimed BCC set which was certainly not from 1891 . here is a set because of the knights heads could easily be

claimed to be a BCC one, but with careful scrutiny one can clearly see that this is not the case here.i was intrigued when I saw this set up for auction with a lowish estimate on MORPHETS auction house site. so I decided to have a bid and won this curious set which just might have a French origin?!with a king height of 3 inches , the unweighted , & unfelted pieces , had no original box.

the pieces felt like turned plastic , so I took a host of images of the pieces to confirm they were box wood, plus having researched BCC , with fellow researcher Mick  Deasey, such a set has not crossed our paths. just in case another identical set surfaces I felt that it might be useful to offer this morcel for fellow collectors to

study or be aware of , & risk being shafted for a hefty premium, it is worth noting that the auction house made no BCC claim, as I noted in the past that claimed Ayres sets were not being offered as BCC by auction houses, thanks to Jon Crumiller’s catalogue project.

this BCC research will continue until I drop dead plus it is most enjoyable doing this, plus I am more than happy with this oddity.


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September 27, 2019

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