Late19th century English bone travel chess set

This delightful late 19th century travel set in great condition was wcon recently at Pumphouse Auctions. The pieces are very well turned in good clean bone with minimal pitting.  With a king height of 5cms and a base width of 2cms makes the pieces very easy to move about on the generously spacious board (12 inches by 12 inches) – even a pair of gorillas could play with this!

With the proposed legislation on banning the sale of all ivory, this quality item is exactly the sort of thing that will be much sought after because it is a beaut – I now at present prefer this lovely set to my Jaques Status Quo by a distance – I am delighted to own it!

For the price paid, the auction house photo might have suggested that one of the white knights did not match the other, however much to my good fortune, I have something to treasure!

I believe this might be a scarce set and I have no idea who made it. Viewers of this website might note that many of the sets featured I claim to be rather scarce – to be perfectly honest we collectors all like to enjoy temporary bragging rights regardless of the set’s value.


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September 25, 2019

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