Spare Chess Pieces

Over the years of collecting I have with some care picked up a decent selection, of quality ‘GAS’ pieces (best described as GENUINE ANTIQUE SPARES).. If in doubt check quality selling antique sites like antique chess or Dermot Rochford chess collecting site.

The problem with telling viewers home truths is that some sellers will hate the sight of you! There are dozens and dozens of so-called ‘antique chessmen‘ for sale on eBay, but none too many are 19th century! One might as well call these items as ‘Aunt Tique who must have reached100 years old’! A good friend of mine in Holland picked up a scrummy looking large selection of spares for a song at a past Bloomsbury or Bonhams auction, but he freely admits that making up any sets was pretty difficult. However if purchased for modest looking prices then purchasing spares can be a fine and less costly way to study quality chessmen. Even when taking on board the money spent, it has been well worthwhile. The offered image of a few Upright spare pieces is a joy to own even if I will never make up a complete set. Sadly the shipping cost is a killer for any buyers out there.




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February 20, 2023

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