The John A Mazzucco Lyon ‘gift set’


Back in the mid-2000’S John and I both debated in the Ebay Chess Collectors’ group, and it was great fun. So John, realising that that ‘The Lion’ had no Lyon set, placed these pieces in a package and gifted them to me – what a wonderful gesture, and this set is very treasured because it was such a surprise.

The set was minus a knight’s head which restorer Alan Dewey carved for me. These chessmen are mentioned in the collectors’ favourite book, Master Pieces by Gareth WIlliams – with bone trimmings it makes this set more attractive. I like Mazzucco ‘s sense of humour as how can Guy Lyons not have a Lyon set? Well well he has one now !! Whilst these sets are old they are very ‘gettable’, and they can be a little expensive to buy. Using CCI member Patrice Plain who produced a paper on French sets, this one may well be 18th century. As a collector I like these antique sets very much as they simply ooze with history!


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March 25, 2019

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